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Advertise with 24-7 Estate Sales

2016 Advertising Costs (Effective 4/1/2017)

Payment is Required When Placing Ad

Estate Sales & Auctions ...
Call-In Sales

$ 95.00
$ 75.00
Antique Stores & Malls ... $100.00
Banners ... Yearly

$  300.00
$1000.00 (HP Only)

Includes ...
  • Links to your website  ... AND Listing in Seller's Directory
Listing in Services Directory ...
Sellers Directory (12 months)
$225.00 (per year)


Purchase 5 or more sales for
Contact us for pricing.

Additional Services

Featured Event ...
   on the HomePage

Featured Event ...
  on the Estate Sale Page




We prefer to know about sales as soon as possible, but we know that business is not always predictable.  Having said that, Fred and I have established the following guidelines for submitting an ad.

1.  FEATURED Sales must be previewed or submitted for publication no later than
     Noon on Tuesday prior to your sale.

2.  Deadline for submitting details of your sale (address, dates, times, etc.)  ... Tuesday @ 4:00 pm

3.  Deadline for submitting ads and pictures (the week of your sale) ... Wednesday @ 10:00 am.

4.  If calling in your ad, send pics and description to ... This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

5.  PICTURES are accepted in JPG format only (not jpeg).
     Send them as attachments or in a zip file.
     DO NOT send them to Photobucket, The Cloud, or other internet hosting sites.
     Use a camera rather than iPad or iPhone for the best pictures.
     Do not edit pics from your iPhone or iPad; send them AS-IS.

6.  STANDARD SALES are allowed 65~75 pictures;
     FEATURED ADS are allowed up to 150 pictures.

6.  After submitting your ad, use the HomePage Payment Feature to make payment. 
     All credit cards are accepted and you do not have to be a member of Paypal to use the feature. 

If you miss SALE DEADLINES, we may or may not be able to advertise your sale.


E-Mail Schedules ...

FEATURED SALES ... are included in Wednesday AND Thursday e-mails and precede regular sales.


Refunds ...
It is the responsibility of the Seller and/or Auctioneer to check all pertinent information (address, dates, times, payment methods) on the website prior to the start of an event.  Refunds for any errors are at the discretion of 24-7 Promotions. (Updated 9-15)

Privacy Policy ...
We do not release any information regarding our advertisers unless the information already exists on the website.  We will take information from inquiries and provide them to the advertiser. (Updated 9-15)