Regarding Coronavirus…

Earlier this week Fred and I wrote …

Estate Sales are going to be conducted this weekend and we’ve listed them below. Homes are sold; families are moving; sales are running.

To provide as much safety for shoppers and those working the sales, Sellers are using all known safety measures …
1.  Crowds will be limited inside the home.
2.  Hand Sanitizing Supplies will be offered to shoppers for their use.
3.  Staff will be wearing gloves to protect themselves as well as diminish transfer of the virus.
4.  All known precautions will be enforced.

Sellers who can postpone sales have. Additional sales scheduled for this weekend have been cancelled and will be rescheduled for a later date. In fact, Sellers are moving forward and preparing sales for the time when the CDC gives us the “All Clear”. As future sales are available we will be listing them in COMING ATTRACTIONS.

Our Update as of March 18, 2020

Fred and I are having a crazy week (as is our Nation) and we wanted to share some of our personal thoughts with readers. Yes, estate sales are moving forward this weekend even in uncertain times. Do you consider that Selfish, Greedy, Unfeeling (fill in the blank)? We’re going to add our 2¢ to the mix.

We know these estate sellers personally. Their decisions to run are giving them sleepless nights. How do they keep their staff safe as well as those who attend. Homeowners are moving out and new families are moving in – almost immediately. Estate Sellers are facing the ultimate decision – do the sale or don’t do the sale and pay the price.

Consider this. Call off the sale and have a distraught homeowner sue over breach of contract. Lose your entire staff because they can’t pay their expenses and they change jobs. Sellers we know have opened lines of credit at their local bank in hopes of weathering the situation. Catching up isn’t going to happen over night. Hard times require hard decisions. Sellers are being creative hoping to diminish the danger to everyone. Criticizing doesn’t help! If you have immune deficiencies – STAY HOME. Instead, use your time to help someone else.

  1. Call friends and family (not just text) on the phone. Talk and be silly. Laugh!
  2. Pick Up a Book and Read (my go to activity)
  3. Play games with the kids. Color. Paint. Do something that keeps them (and you) entertained.
  4. Bake or cook something for someone. Drop it off at their front door.
  5. Write a letter or card. Everyone loves getting mail.
  6. TURN OFF THE TV and RADIO. Only listen at specific times to remain updated on the crisis.

It’s times like this that bring out the best or worst in people. What kind of person will you choose to be? Tell us what you’re doing to improve the situation. Fred and I are …

  1. Calling our neighbor, Rocky daily. “Do you need anything today? There’s a pot of beans I want/need to share. If we don’t our house will explode.” (Hope you get the jist.)
  2. I just got off the phone with Art Rousseau. We traded broccoli stories. I’ll admit it, that man is a hoot!

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