Our first ever … 24-7 BLOG.


Readers comments …

  • WHY CHANGE? I liked the old website.
  • User Unfriendly!
  • The new website is very difficult.
  • I cannot find a list estate sales that shows the sale, address, dates etc… The site isn’t useable until that information is available.
  • Please go back to old site. The new site is not user friendly.
  • Hi, I have been using your page for years and loved it. The calendar page where all the sales were listed like on an excel spreadsheet (had the start/end date + address) and the button that placed everything on map were two of my favorite features. It was easier to use on a cell phone. This new page is not user friendly.
  • In my opinion, what is missing from the “Sales Map” tab are the tempting partial paragraphs
    that gave just enough info to know if more detail would be worth the time.
  • I really liked your old site….except for lack of chronological order of sales and for the tardiness of some pictures appearing the day before a sale. When your new format appeared, I had to relearn your site thereby my saying it was user unfriendly.

And finally someone who likes the new site…

For what it’s worth … I think the site is extremely useful and convenient now. The format works great for me. Hope it stays.

Fred and I have been sifting through the comments along with the suggestions regarding the new 24-7 website. FIRST … we had to change. The old site was BROKEN; pics didn’t load right on some devices; the site wasn’t created for easy display on cell phones or tablets. In other words, we had been outstripped by technology.

Did I want to change. NO! I had a meltdown over the phone with my webmaster. The new website was hard to maneuver (unfriendly). Too much had changed. I walked away from my PC disgusted (and in tears). Later in the day I came back and tried again. Progress was SLOW!

Three Weekends into the new website and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! Pics are so much better. The Map feature is easier. Everything done in the background is faster and easier. But what about the comments from unhappy readers. We take them seriously and have made changes because of them. We’ve enhanced the “Weekend Sales Map” tab where we list each sale … added addresses dates, and times … and placed our opening paragraph highlighting items in the sale. Comments about readability of the addresses caused us to HIGHLIGHT them in blue. It’s our way of combining the old Estate Sale Page and Calendar Page.

The website is still a work in progress. Our next focus will be the updating of banners and information regarding sales professionals. Anyone with suggestions, feel free to contact us through the website. You never know when a new idea will spring forth!