On-Line Auctions

Long before the coronavirus pandemic began Fred and I noticed a definite uptick in the number of on-line auctions. Carol Matestic of JLA Treasures had partnered with Kyle Foster Auctioneers to handle items she acquired from gated communities that prohibited on-site estate sales. Cory Crites of DFW Estate Liquidators was working with Aurora Auctions to help out people in similar circumstances. The service was certainly needed with the added burden created by Homeowner’s Associations.

Fast forward to today – a new world with plenty of uncertainty, but not without bright spots too. Families are “grounded” by government order just like children who have crossed the line. Do kids give up? Parents know they don’t so neither should we. Pick up your iPad, Smart Phone, laptop or whatever else you use and get busy placing your bids. Houses are selling; people are moving; and estate sales continue. On-Line Auctions are perfect for times like these.

This week Carol and Cory have on-line auctions listed on the 24-7 estate sale website. Visit their auctions and place your bids, but be careful – it is truly addictive. If you happen to be the high bidder, pick up your treasure(s) at the designated time and place. It’s as easy as that. Giving up one of life’s greatest pleasures just isn’t in estate sale enthusiasts’ DNA! Life goes on and so will we!