Part 2 … Too Many Pictures!

We heard from lots of estate sale enthusiasts FOR and AGAINST the number of pictures showing off an estate sale. It actually gave us good insight into what people are thinking like the following …

Lyn …
1) Please limit the number to maximum of 50.
2) I skip over sales (don’t even bother to open & view) when there are a huge numbers of pictures displayed.
3) I don’t need to individually view every piece of a bedroom or dining room set of furniture to get the gist of what is for sale.
4) And yes, you are correct, this is an estate sale site, not an auction site.

Debbye …
The more pictures the better for me. Just general pictures might leave something out that I could be interested in. If it were “my” estate sale, in my opinion, I’m paying the estate sellers to “advertise” my sale and I want as many pictures as possible to get my items sold. Everyone collects different things, or has different types of furniture. Yes, I do look at EVERY picture loaded.

Now on another subject, I usually look at every sale on 24-7 because they’re the better ones. I choose to look at sales in my area on those other sites. I don’t have time to look at 100’s of sales.

Lili …
The reason estate sellers post so many pictures is to accommodate the people who ask for additional pictures of this or that. If they don’t, their cell phones blow up with questions.

It’s obvious … everyone has an opinion. So here are a few of our recommendations …

1) Pictures should be taken with a good camera or current phone or iPad.

2) Pictures should be taken in good light. Don’t wait until night time to begin shooting.

3) A large sale requires more pics, but anything over 100-150 means lots of people aren’t going to take the time to browse the full gallery. More pics don’t equate to a better sale.

4) Put your best things 1st – unique furniture, fine & costume jewelry, outstanding garage, gourmet kitchen, fine crystal … glass … and china, vintage toys for kids/Big Boy Toys too, outstanding patio and backyard, automobiles.

5) Create vignettes. Items show better.

6) Auction Houses should highlight a sampling of their items and then create a link to the bidding platform. The goal is TO GET PEOPLE TO BID. Not put them to sleep with endless pics and lists.

We’ve highlighted some of our recommendations. But … there are always exceptions. We love hearing from readers on all the issues. (E-mail: