A Fashion Fair to Remember

A Fashion Fair to Remember Tea & Vintage Fashion Show @
The Dallas Women’s Forum
Alexander Mansion of Dallas
Saturday, February 23rd from Noon until 3:00 pm
4607 Ross Ave; Dallas 75204
Reserve your Seat – Cost … $65.00 per guest
Phone No. – 214.823.4533
Webb Address … http://www.dallaswomansforum.org/events/event/tea-and-vintage-fashion-show/

Wonderful news! The late Marilyn Harris and Regina Wittenberg of the Chic Cherie Vintage Clothing along with Steven Porterfield (of Antiques Roadshow fame) made afternoon teas and fashion shows a regular event in the Metroplex starting several years ago. With Marilyn’s passing last year, many of us thought that might end. But the lovely models Karen, Sarah, and others have teamed up with Steven again for a very special Valentine Event – A Fashion Fair to Remember Tea & Vintage Fashion Show @ The Dallas Women’s Forum. Here’s what you need to know about The Show …

Reserve Your Seat
Tickets $65 per guest

Reservations required by Tuesday, February 19, 2019
Fashion Show and Tea Included in Ticket Price
Purchase by Mail

Send a check with your email address and phone number to:
Dallas Woman’s Forum
P.O. Box 140997
Dallas, TX 75214-0997
or Purchase Online

Join us as we travel down memory lane and re-live the romance of times past, first brought to the silver screen by Hollywood Starlets such as Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Rita Hayworth.

Steven Porterfield, recognized vintage fashion and textile expert, will host the fashion show event. His narration of each piece will bring to life the glamour, romance, and nostalgia embodied by these beautiful ensembles.

Authentic vintage dresses will be modeled by The Dallas Woman’s Forum Fashion and Style Department members. Guests will have a chance to view these elegant fashions up close and talk to the models during the Tea immediately following.

There will be an opportunity for attendees to own their own one-of-a-kind piece of fashion history.

Proceeds go to the restoration efforts of the Alexander Mansion.

Who would have thought 31 years ago when Steven Porterfield helped Carol & Maxine open their vintage business The Cats Meow
in Midland Texas, that he would one day provide clothing for the movie industry. He was only included as a partner because he could sew.

Within a very short period of time he had purchased the store from the two women and within four years he had expanded the store from 1,200 square feet to 4,000 square feet. Maxine taught him good basic business skills and Carol took him to his first textile show in California where he immediately began to sell to Hollywood. His mother taught him to do whatever he did to the best of his ability and his father taught him to be honest in everything he did.

Steven began to sell on both the east and west coast and expanded his business to include the fashion industry. Over the years he has seen modern garments inspired by his vintage merchandise in the lines of Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Jill Stewart & Victoria’s Secret.

In 2018, he sold to more than nine movies. He worked with Kate Hawley on The Call of the Wild and is currently working with Emily O’Connor, personal assistant to John Dunn, on costumes for the film Emily Dickinson.

He has been a fashion and textile appraiser for Antiques Roadshow for nine years. His knowledge of historical fashion makes him the perfect consultant and guest speaker for our fashion show.