Chic Cherie Vintage Clothing & Jewelry

800 N Central Expressway TX 75074

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Chic Cherie Vintage Clothing & Jewelry
@ High Street Antiques & Design
800 N Central Expressway; Plano 75074
@ Plano Parkway
Open Daily
Monday/Saturday … 10:00 am until 6:00 pm
Sunday … 11:00 am until 6:00 pm
Web Address:

May 2018 … Steven Porterfield swept in this past week to visit with Marilyn Harris and Regina Wittenberg, owners of The Chic Cherie. He dropped off a new spring time collection of vintage hats – everything from straws to lace covered felts … with veils, flowers, feathers … in every color of the rainbow! Hats from the 30’s to the 70’s … hats, hats, and more hats! Once the hats were properly arrayed, then it was time for spring dresses, my favorites being the kelly green with gold appliques … a shimmery midnight blue over lace … and an apricot colored After 5 dress. The booths have never looked brighter or more fun.

Of course, Marilyn and Regina both have plenty more to do before the upcoming weekend. The latest handbags have to be displayed along with shoes/gloves/and cruise wear (as in lingerie). It’s so good to see a rainbow of new fashions at the Chic Cherie.

REMEMBER … Mother’s Day is May 13th!

April 2018 … There’s always a danger when I head to High Street to preview the newest spring fashions at the Chic Cherie. Fred braces himself for the inevitable. While picturing knockout prom dresses … unique Kentucky Derby hats fit for American Royalty … and elegant (sometimes sexy) peignoir sets and satin pajamas, I could end up filling the car with several new purchases. This past weekend, it was vintage handbags that caught my eye. Marilyn Harris has THE BEST SELECTION of handbags on the planet. The more she showed me the harder it got to resist the temptation to purchase one. It could have been a crocodile purse in its original color … something pretty in pink or blue for Easter … any number of Lucite bags … but it turned out I couldn’t pass up a perfectly fun straw bag in cherry red. I walked out of High Street beaming with my special purchase.

The only reason I didn’t walk away with more (like a shorty gown set … or cruise wear … or a summer straw) was because I had to leave and head to another preview Fred had arranged. Probably smart on his part. But I will be going back as soon as Marilyn returns from her trip to California to see her sons, celebrate Passover, and shop for more vintage clothing and accessories. I plan to stay longer on my next trip.

Get ready for loads of spring and summer events at the Chic Cherie. You certainly want to be dressed appropriately for MOTHER’S DAY … THE KENTUCKY DERBY … GRADUATION … BRIDAL SHOWERS … WEDDINGS … and your recently booked CRUISE! Bon Voyage!

Some of our favorite SPRING FASHION (updated 4/23)!