Dee’s Doll Booth @

Dee’s Doll Booth @
Forestwood Antique Mall
5333 Forest Ln, Dallas, TX 75244
Mall Hours …
Monday~Sunday … 10:00 am until 6:00 pm
Special Instructions … All Forms of payment

Madame Alexander Dolls have been collected by little girls and handed down from generation to generation since 1923. They’ve represented historical figures … Disney characters … and the traditional baby doll loved by every little girl. Now, you can go back in time and choose some of the rarest of finds at Dee’s Doll Booth inside Forestwood Antique Mall (Booth #285). Dee had her doll store in Salt Lake City, Utah originally, but moved to Dallas years ago. Dee’s collection dates from the 1950s to 1968. Most have their original boxes. But the GREAT NEWS IS … THEY ARE ON SALE – 30% OFF! It’s the perfect time to add one to your personal collection or start one for your granddaughter. If you haven’t noticed, the holidays are right around the corner. Choose Cinderella, Pollyanna, a Gone with the Wind character, or any of the Little Women to your collection. You’ll find all of the rarest when you shop Dee’s booth.

While you’re there, consider adding a new set of fine china … glass or crystal stems in a variety of colors … or any number of fine antiques to your home. Something as simple as a new rug or framed art can change the look of a room in time for holiday entertaining. Even if you’re not thinking of making a change until later in the fall, drop by Dee’s booth and pick out a fun Fashion Ring or Bracelet under $20.00 or perhaps something in sterling. Something sparkly to lift the spirits!

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