Too Many Pictures

Fred and I love pictures. We built our first full fledged website because we wanted to show estate sale enthusiasts what to expect at the advertised sales. It worked well until now. The new generation of Estate Sellers are loading 400 … 500 … 700 … and just this week, over 1,000 pictures of one sale. REALLY? Is this an auction or an estate sale? Multiple pictures of a single item from every possible angle. Pictures of boxes full of ??? (who knows). Pictures of every piece of framed art plus the artist’s signature. A good idea if it’s a known artist (check askART if you don’t know); bad idea for tourist art.

Fred and I have lots more to say on this issue, but we want to hear from YOU! Do you spend the time to go through all the pics or do you skip the sale all together? If it’s one of your favorite Sellers do you go ahead and take the challenge? OR … are you like us – view the 1st 90-100 pics and stop there. Surely, Sellers know to put their best foot forward with fine furniture, fine jewelry, designer apparel, gourmet kitchen, and a garage filled with tools? Do you really want to see pics of trash cans … half filled bottles of cleaning solutions … endless closets stuffed with clothing … and multiple pictures a lamp?

Give us your thoughts.